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This logistics platform of products and services with the Quality Mark of the Iberian Meseta Cross Border Biosphere Reserve arises from the  need to regroup in a single structure the achievement of the following goals:


Preserve the 
existing natural 



To promote socio-
-economic development 
in an ecologically 
sustainable way



To promote a
sustainable and 

innovative tourist 



To make available 
to the world the existing 
products and services



The platform was built in such a way as to be a practical and intuitive tool for local entrepreneurs (producers, craftsmen and other stakeholders in the area of tourism and catering), consumers and tourists:

For local entrepreneurs:

For consumers:

For tourists:

- Provides the possibility of receiving technical support; 
- Provides a number of supporting documents 
on good practice and quality certification;

- Assists in the creation of networks, enhancing their     development.
- Allows the publicity of their products and services;

- Possibility to know and acquire good and 
tasty products from the local culture, 
produced with respect to the environment, 
animal and human, at a fair price;
- Possibility of joining services that use 
local products and offer activities related 
to the ecosystems of the region;
- Better understanding of where products 
come from, how they are produced and 
by whom.

 - It allows them to acquire knowledge about the existing gastronomic patrimony and about the ecosystems of the region;
- It allows them to take advantage of sustainable form of tourism.



In short, the platform is based on the promotion of

a local food chain and a policy to promote the

consumption of locally produced food that

contributes to the sustainability and local economy

of the Iberian Meseta Cross Border Biosphere