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The dynamics of the beekeeping sector has proved to be strong and growing, with new beekeepers also attracted by the high prices of honey on the international market, but also a progressive number of beekeepers for whom beekeeping is the basis of the exploitation revenues. This sector represents a vital service for agriculture through pollination and contributes to the preservation of biodiversity, being presented as an example of “green employment” by the European Commission. The vast majority of national bee farms concentrate their apiaries in areas of great environmental wealth, in greater numbers in the North of Portugal, as this way they guarantee a quality honey production. The territory of the Meseta Ibérica Transboundary Biosphere Reserve and its continental Mediterranean climate make the development of countless spontaneous meliferous and polliniferous species conducive. However, the majority of Portuguese beekeepers are non-professionals and have limited information on the market, becoming very dependent on honey production when there is enormous potential in other industries, such as food and pharmaceuticals. The diversification of beekeeping productivity and the professionalization of this sector is therefore urgent, with clear benefits for the profitability of its producers. In this way, this network was created to favor actions towards these objectives.

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