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There has been a significant increase in activities related to the exploitation of wild mushrooms. These have become a source of supplementary income for farmers and local populations. The increase in demand for this resource can be seen in several aspects, namely gastronomy, tourism and the pharmaceutical industry, clearly being part of a growing market.

Because there has been an indiscriminate influx of people to forest areas, often using inadequate harvesting methods, the survival of this resource may be threatened as well as the ecological balance of habitats, which may compromise the food security of consumers. 

To mitigate this potential threat and take greater advantage of mycological resources, the Meseta Ibérica Transboundary Biosphere Reserve considered it essential to create a network of mycological municipalities to promote and publicize these resources, while fostering close cooperation between municipalities to spread the word. exchange of experiences and good practices in terms of their production, collection, treatment and sale. We also consider it important to homogenize the regulations associated with this activity in the Territory, which are clear and uniform and contribute to the sustainable development of these resources.

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