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Add Agrifood Networks                                        Agrifood Networks Presentation

Networking strengthens the approximation of similarities and differences shared by those who establish partnerships, consequently presenting several widely recognized advantages. In the context of the production and commercialization of local agri-food and artisanal products and the provision of services that promote the Territory, networking allows:
   » Sharing knowledge and good practices;
   » Creating synergies and economies of scale in areas as important as production, marketing and commercialization;
   » Affirmation of certain products in the national and international market through cooperation between different producers and entrepreneurs;
   » Campaigns to promote local products and services that are more accessible at the cost level, through a joint effort;
   » Increased competitiveness;
In this context, the Meseta Ibérica Transboundary Biosphere Reserve promotes the creation of networks of agrifood products in its Territory under the quality mark created for this purpose.
Belonging to one of these networks has the following advantages:

   » Support and advice needed in the sustainable use of agricultural resources;
   » Training and qualification of producers;
   » Enhancement of farms and products;
   » Spirit of cohesion among the various producers in the region;
   » Exchange of experiences and good practices;